CO Urged to Oust Bennet

iVoteColorado Michael BennetMichael Bennet is Colorado’s liberal Senator. In fact, his election website states that he is “someone who will take on Washington dysfunction and work with anyone to get things done for Colorado.”

It’s a true statement; Senator Bennet has worked with just about anyone, including the liberals in Congress who support Obamacare, higher taxes, open borders and sanctuary cities.

Bennet’s Plan for Entering Government was Hatched in the Incubator of Back Room Politics

Bennet became a Colorado’s US Senator when he was summarily appointed by Colorado Governor Bill RitterKen on January 3, 2009, to replace Ken Salazar when he was, in turn, appointed Secretary of the Interior. It’s important to note that this was Michael Bennet’s primary path into big government, a place where he was comfortable and knew his way around.

Born in New Delhi, India, Bennet grew up in the halls of big government. Douglas Bennet, Michael’s father, was President Jimmy Carter’s top gun (if I may use that word?) and guided the United States Agency for International Development. Bennet’s dad was also the President and CEO of National Public Radio from 1983 until 1993.

After Bill Clinton had been elected, Douglas Bennet was asked by the Clinton White House to become Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs. Michael’s father was also an aide to Vice President Hubert Humphrey. This upbringing gave Michael Bennet the opportunity to live in Washington’s fishbowl. It was in the culture of DC that Michael Bennet was educated and lived out his youth.

This brief narrative gives you, the reader, some insight into the world in which Mr. Bennet was reared and groomed.

Bennet Became the Apple of Obama’s Eye

He was finally elected to office in 2010, and he must have immediately caught the eye of President Obama, who said that he, “perfectly reflects the qualities of the ruggedly independent state he has been chosen to serve.”

Unfortunately for the State of Colorado, it no longer is the “ruggedly independent state” it once was. The residents of Colorado can than Michael Bennet for the loss of independence. Following the narrative of Carter, Humphrey, the Clintons and of course Barack Obama.

Bennet has a love of all things Washington, including Obamacare, giving away our control of the Internet, and of course, the Dream Act, of which he was co-sponsor. Michael Bennet also co-sponsored the looney-tune Solar Manufacturing Jobs Creation Act, a left wing, radical piece of legislation that proposed to use tax-payer money to fund the manufacturing of solar energy in the U.S. This was Michael’s attempt to nationalize and codify the failed Solyndra concept into law at the expense of the people of Colorado.

Mrs. Bennet, Michael’s wife, is an environmental attorney for Earthjustice, a firm that was the legal brain behind the formation of the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund. James Bennet, Michael’s brother, is the editorial page director for The New York Times.

Bennet, Like all Liberals, Works against Colorado’s Traditional Values

Bennet is Colorado’s big government guy. He is an Obama surrogate and if Hillary Clinton is elected President, Bennet will undoubtedly fall into place to support her socialist agenda.

According to the website Conservative Review, Bennet has cast about 320 votes in the Senate. Just 8% of his votes support traditional conservative values.

Michael Bennet is a liberal politician who has lived out his familial and professional existence in the halls of government. He not only drinks the Kool-Aid, but he also helps to create it.

He is, as I previously stated, a big government guy. A scant review of the legislation he has sponsored demonstrates this fact. Senator Michael Bennet sponsored or co-sponsored dozens of liberal proposals costing the American taxpayers and more importantly Colorado’s populace billions of dollars, including, as a sampling these bizarre Senate bills:

  • S.Res. 602: A resolution supporting the inclusion and meaningful engagement of Latinos in environmental protection and conservation efforts.
  • S. 2341: A bill to designate a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness.
  • S. 2305: Carbon Capture Improvement Act of 2015
  • S. 605: Investing in Innovation for Education Act of 2015
  • S. 2003 (113th): Renewable Energy Parity Act of 2014
  • S.Res. 100 (112th): A resolution designating March 11, 2011, as “World Plumbing Day”

The “World Plumbing Day” gets my attention. Is that the day we all flush toilets at noon? Or, perhaps it’s an initiative based upon some back room deal with the plumber’s union.

Of course, there is much more we could talk about…dozens more, in fact. Admittedly, Senator Bennet has been a busy Senator who has created a plethora of legislative programs costing Americans billions of dollars. One thing is sure; we know what he believes about the central role of government in the lives of the voters of Colorado.

You may download the Comprehensive List of Legislative Bills Sponsored by Senator Michael Bennet, Colorado.

iVoteColorado urges voters to examine the liberal record of Senator Michael Bennet carefully and to vote for Daryll Glenn to replace Bennet as Colorado’s new United States Senator.

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