Colorado to Strike “Alien”

iVoteColorado Alien Law Photo by NewsIncThe State of Colorado continues to plunge itself into the liberal abyss of conformity and correctness.

According to an article by Joey Bunch of Denver Post, Lebsock stated, “…I was raised to be polite…the least we can do as legislators is to make sure our Colorado laws are thoughtful.”

The Colorado House of Representatives, led by Rep. Steve Lebsock, wants to move Colorado state agencies into a more acceptable policy for the use of terms when describing illegal aliens within its laws and other documents.

House Bill 1396 would, among other changes, ban the use of “alien” when describing those persons who enter the United States in violation of immigration law.

Apparently, the politically astute elected officials want to make immigrants who have violated Federal immigration law feel more accepted in Colorado.

Is Colorado becoming a sanctuary state? What do traditional, constitutional citizens think of the out-of-control liberalization of Colorado? How much more can traditional residents take before they reach the breaking point.

Its liberal marijuana law, driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and now House Bill 1396, codifying the State’s use of politically correct language to describe illegals, make Colorado one of the most liberal western states in the US.

(photo and information from Joey Bunch of Denver Post.

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