iVoteColorado Endorses Glenn

iVoteColorado Daryll GlennColorado continues to trouble conservatives. Now, Darryl Glenn, a constitutional conservative has surfaced as a candidate for the US Senate.

Today, October 23, 2016, iVoteColorado, a subsiderary of iVoteAmerica, announces its endorsement of Darryl Glenn in his quest to become Colorado’s conservative voice in Washington, DC. Glenn is a “christian, a constitutional originalist, and a true conservative. We support him in his bid to become Colorado’s US Senator.

Mr. Glenn brings his strong commitment to constitutional conservatism to Colorado, offering fiscal control and debt reduction, reductions in the size and reach of the federal government and the repeal of Obamacare.

Of course, Daryll, a 21-year veteran of the US military, will bring sensibility to matters impacting our military and veterans.

Glenn was victorious in his win of the five-way Republican primary in June, 2016.

When the RNC picked Cleveland as its location for the convention, Darryl was asked to speak and he delivered a passionate speech calling down down Jesse Jackson and the Black Lives Matter group.

On tax reform, immigration, the Second Amendment, education and the war on terror, Darryl Glenn emotes conservative values.

The Darryl Glenn website quotes him as saying,

America is at a crossroads. Parents are concerned about the economic burdens facing their children and grandchildren. Working families struggle with budgets that barely get them from one paycheck to the next. Government spending is out of control. Ever-increasing regulation threatens small businesses, and gaps in education make finding the right employees increasingly difficult. Americans nearing retirement fear for their savings and investments in Social Security.

Meanwhile, the government continues to cut benefits for men and women in the military, law enforcement, and emergency services—the people we count on to keep this country safe, prosperous, and free. We have to do better than this.

By the end of 2016, our nation will be $19.3 trillion in debt, and entrenched Washington bureaucrats continue to write blank checks as if money were no object. If we don’t change course now, generations will live like indentured servants to the government.

I wake up every day deeply committed to helping solve these issues and improve the lives of my fellow Coloradans. I believe the people of our state need a conservative leader who has overcome the types of obstacles that nearly all middle-class and lower-income people struggle with. Unlike Michael Bennet, I have never been handed anything in my life. I have worked hard to earn every accomplishment, every position of leadership, and every accolade I’ve received. -Darryl Glenn, Candidate for US Senate, Colorado

Recently, Glenn was interviewed by Glenn Beck and iVoteColorado is sharing the interview with you.

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