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My only personal encounter with Lauren Boebert took place on the morning of May 12, 2020, at 9 am. Until that moment my knowledge of her came from her now famously chronicled confrontation with presidential candidate and El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke over his “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

Lauren was a new U.S. House candidate from Colorado. She called me at our scheduled interview time and granted me her permission to record our interview. Then, things went bad. She received an urgent message that police were on-site to shut her down for a violation of Colorado’s COVID rules for restaurants. She apologized, and we cut the interview short, never to speak again.

My Time Cut Short

Fifty minutes into the interview, while discussing her “Guac 9” Guacamole Bacon burger, and ten questions remaining, Lauren interrupted our conversation:

 I might have to cut this short. I am getting a message that police are at my restaurant, it’s the Chief of Police, can I call you back?  – Lauren Boebert

Our policy at the time was to never publish an interview that isn’t complete. I’m going to slightly break that policy, revisit my time with Lauren, and tell you what I think of her as we head into 2022.

Since her election to the U.S. House, it should come as no surprise that Lauren Boebert remains one of the most courageous and outspoken ‘Next Gen’ representatives.

Out of the shoot, Lauren described herself as,

Christian, mom, conservative, Republican, in that order. I am a Coloradoan who is passionate about our Constitution and our freedoms and empowering our people to take action at every level they can.  – Lauren Boebert

Remind yourself that on the date of my interview with Lauren, we were at the early stages of COVID hysteria. Colorado revenues, she said, were down $5 billion and her world, like so many of us, was collapsing.

Ms. Boebert was as confident then as she is now in her core beliefs. Her ability to articulate the challenges facing Colorado and America has only improved as she has gained knowledge from inside of the bureaucratic mess in DC.

Lauren felt the squeeze as a small business owner, she sensed and experienced the threat of government overreach and state power firsthand. And she stated with clarity her opinion about the media’s love affair with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”)

I’m tired of waking up every morning and hearing her narratives direct the nation. She is gaining in popularity and has generations listening to her and following her and I believe her narratives will lead us to socialism.  – Lauren Boebert

She was right! The AOC narratives, coupled with those of Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the “Squad” are now defining and controlling domestic policy and re-defining the relationship between government and the nation’s free people. Lauren made it clear to me, “I am a mother of four children, and I refuse to send them into a socialist nation.”

Defining Lauren Boebert and Government

Lauren defined her candidacy as a calling to keep the nation’s culture focused on the values and practices that made it an exceptional country. We talked about the value and contribution of capitalism to self-reliance and personal property rights. My time with Lauren was spot on.

Her temperament, while decided “type A” was measured and disciplined, stemming I concluded from her life and business owner in Colorado. She possessed then what she possesses now, unflinching loyalty to the Judeo-Christian virtues woven into the fabric of our founding, the Bill of Rights, and western culture.

Lauren and I discussed iVoteAmerica’s trademark, The Next Generation of Conservatives®, and its relevance as a counterpart to the rise of a new generation of socialists who have been baptized into Markism through public education and cultural values that depreciate freedom.

She believed then that AOC was speaking and encouraging a new generation of socialists,

That sense of entitlement that she (“AOC”) is perpetuating is creating a weak and dependent generation, dependent on entitlement benefits.  – Lauren Boebert

Contrary to the media’s narrative about Lauren Boebert, then and now, I found her to be among the brightest thinkers of her generation. Her knowledge and ability to articulate the timeless principles of liberty and their superiority over centralized government are boundless. So are her discipline, energy, intellect, and instincts.

Throughout my time with Lauren, I kept discovering her grasp of the Founder’s view of the federal government, all government, was at the very forefront of her thinking, and always razor-sharp. Above all, Lauren is ironclad in her understanding of the proper and central role of government; “To secure our rights,” she declared without hesitation.

When I asked her about her opponent and the needs of Coloradoans on the Western Slope, she took command of the interview with this statement:

Not only are we in a battle for the heart and soul of our country, with left-wing lunatics doing everything they can to take away our personal freedom, too many of our elected leaders ar utterly silent as our rights are being stripped away.  Here on the Western Slope, we do not have a voice, we are drowned out by liberal Democrats…”  – Lauren Boebert

Motivation is not in short supply with Lauren Boebert. Her cause is America, her battle is being waged on the frontline of freedom, her motivation remains steadfastly the truth about the dangers of centralized government.

She Had Me at Twelve Minutes

This is a mere 12-minutes of my time with Lauren, yet the content and exchange never escaped my consciousness. Despite never publishing the interview, I was impacted, and iVoteAmerica and iVoteColorado went on to casually endorse her run for office.

Lauren and I have another 38 minutes of high-powered exchange in the vault. I am saving it for later!

Ironically, we were interrupted by a message calling her to return to her restaurant to defend it from the big, intrusive, over-regulating government she is now attempting to fend off on behalf of the citizens of Colorado and America.

While my time with Lauren was cut short, consider this my report card. Lauren Boebert is the same courageous patriot elected by Colorado citizens in 2020. Rest assured, you have a winner!

Finally, I hope Lauren will give me back the time stolen from us that morning in May 2020. Maybe this time government will leave us alone.

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Article and interview by Donald Teel, Founder & CEO, iVoteAmerica® – The Next Generation of Conservatives®.


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